This section is prepared to be used as a readymade reference for 150 seats of MBBS in India as per MCI norms. This is my personal references specially designed for the files which are multiple times required to refer. As we are consulting these things, we have kept it open for those who want to use same. Suggestions for improvements are most welcome.

Salient features of these references are :

  1. Removal of Hindi language pages from most of pdf
  2. Removal of unnecessary readings for multiple references
  3. Straight navigation to required page, skipping general governmental description
  4. Highlighted texts whenever it is personally suggested
  5. Big pdf cut and separated into different sections for better rendering and bandwidth usage
  6. Most user friendly and arrangement in descending order of frequency of usage
  7. In future, we also intend to hyperlink relevant texts from within one pdf to another.


To get our files, use MCI submenu from tooltip displayed. Hover mouse arrow or touch to

Resources->MCI-> (whatever you wish to see)…


General Guidellines while preparing for LOP

Things to keep ready for preparation of assessment