Recently, MCI (Medical Council of India) has updated all departments instruments list fully. Many required objects are removed, and many new ones are added. We have compiled differential items from it, and highlighted all names and quantity changes in our main proposal.
     We are a team of dedicated and enthusiastic healthcare education and IT experts who provide services of medical education and hospital consultancy, with following objectives :
      • Dealing with instruments and equipments of hospital and medical education institutions.
      • Collaborating with dealers and distributers of medical equipments across the globe and enabling them to reach and deliver services to various institutions.
      • Watching and testing over quality standards and user friendliness of equipments with inputs and real time usage reviews of various in service experts in respective fields.
      • Generating educational multimedia contents for serving the purposes of medical education and practical aspects of healthcare provision.
      • Keeping speciality wise records and scientifically accurate credentials with availability information with respective channels of delivery.
      • Connection with existing and upcoming institutions regarding timely and required supply of resources with demanded time period proposals, with calculations of budgeted cost and revenue models according to latest standard guidelines.
Detailed explanation :
So here we are describing our philosophy behind this company.
     We are a group of doctors who are working to develop a complete cost model for a new Medical College and Hospital in any part of India. Currently we are working on a few colleges having PPP(Public Private partnership) models in seven cities of Gujarat state.  Our vision includes studying thoroughly all the guidelines of the MCI,  and accordingly calculate the cost of various major domains like
      1. Infrastructure
      2. medical instruments and equipments
      3. human resources inclusive of doctors and nursing staff and other stuff
      4. Civil and construction related expenses
     The most important driving force behind this mission is to save maximum of time of the administration and the trustees and divert the decisions to measure critical areas rather than messing with those decisions which can be taken by the already recruited staff.  So our efforts are directed towards automatizing calculations according to guideline, which are correlated all the time, which ultimately facilitate quick decisions. For example, if we can correlate various guidelines of MCI given at different places and different hyperlinks on the website then we do not need to cross check them all the time while making decisions of purchasing and recruitment of staff, or any other expenses. Suppose, microscopes are recommended at various levels like students in educational labs, and clinicians at research labs and patient’s investigation purposes at hospital, then we interpret and propose those models which best suites needs and prices accordingly, while maintaining their user friendliness, brand values, and cost also.
   We also intend towards scientific decisions at institutional level in procurement and delivery of resources which are primarily focused upon medical education.  We also include those vague or non specific things not mentioned in MCI guidelines,  and those which can be calculated according to variable OPD and indoor rates of the hospitals.  For example when something is required in “AS REQUIRED BASIS” heading in MCI then we propose calculations according to DAILY OPD and indoor of the hospital and quantify those one time consumables of those equipments accordingly.  If we have 600 daily OPD and 180 daily Indoor, then we will divide all the instruments required in all departments according to this turnover of patients, and respective procurement demands are placed well in advance, according to trend analysis techniques.
 Some medical instruments and equipments needs practically innovative ideas to take maximum functional advantage of it. These things are not taken care at manufacturing level because of their least concern regarding its functional use.  For example, mortuary chamber for cooling of dead body can be designed according to 8 body, 4 body, 2 body and 1 body,  so it will consume electricity and occupy space according to this design.  Now practically speaking, if that mortuary is being shared with anatomy and forensic department in common, then in case of malfunction or shutdown the entire unit will become dysfunctionalFor example, Recently MCI has updated this requirement to single body chamber, so we will approach manufacturers to design one body chamber and quote revised prices accordingly; which will also help in less electricity consumption, ultimately saving total maintenance cost. Same thing is applicable to its temperature unit.  When it is installed, being an electric device it is not sometimes showing accurate temperature of the air inside the chamber,  so we need to manually input a Mercury thermometer hanging in the air,  which is showing accurate air temperature, a very simple but must to have intervention for proper temperature reading. It is already in practice with vaccine storage refrigerators supplied in public health sectors of various state governments in India, as also recommended by WHO.
   In case of human resources, we have designed complete salary model for doctors, right from LOP (Letter Of Permission) to recognization, over the period of five years, with yearly increments. It gives complete idea, regarding major human resource costing over 5 years timeline. It is fully customizable to update as per various staff’s joining and resignation dates, integrating waiting list operable in synchronization. It includes specifically designed and focussed social media campaigns and SEO optimized internet activities, to save the expenses to be paid to various human resource provider companies on commission basis.
   In case of nursing staff, we have prepared and correlated complete breakup of nursing staffs according to OPD, bed occupancy, and round the clock duties, including senior nursing staffs like sister, superintendent etc. That is fully automatic and customizable as per different locations in hospital, and editable whenever patient turnover fluctuates in any specific areas like OPD, OT, or wards. It also includes add on training package cum module, specifically designed for answering to MCI inspection related probable questionnaire, and representing the situation to the most scientific and confident manner which is already in live practice with staff.
     In case of hospital furniture,  we propose a model in which OPD and indoor rates are calculated according to guidelines, and different variety of beds according to clinical requirement are calculated as per departments patients turnover.  These things are correlated with minimum requirements of MCI guidelines,  and automatically raising according to variations in the turnover of patients.  These things also correlate with civil and construction related expenses,  and also with square foot allocated in prescribed norms of construction.  So this hybrid model will enable us to make necessary changes between staff accommodations and patients accommodation without disturbing nature construction works.  For example we propose to build Chambers of professors and its lower cadre staff closely associated with wards buffer space alongside with lavatory and toilet space,  and these chambers are proposed in folding and partitioning manner which is always subject to change as per future requirements of expansion,  and also in subsequent years until recognization of the college.
     With running civil and construction work we propose many innovative additions like water management and conservation plan,  rainwater harvesting system,  solar electricity panels installation and its subsequent benefits in electricity as per government norms,  hybrid electricity wiring of solar with already existing inverters and managing total cost calculation of power backup system as a whole.  For example we have enlisted and identified those areas where we need continuous electricity supply,  and we propose it’s separate wiring with solar system.  This will also highlight the entire Institute is one of the ideal and role model at state level and also motivate others to implement same model when completely proven beneficial.
     Additionally we also intend to join local Public Health authorities like Taluka health office and district health authorities to collaborate with the institute and using mutual resources to work upon common beneficiaries by developing a local level proposal,  all within the availability of resources at both level.  For example we can use IEC material of Public Health offices and also cross depute sisters and ANM staff to target common beneficiaries,  because from Primary Health Centre level ultimately most of the patients are referred to tertiary centre at medical college level, so this is certainly possible with collaboration and cooperation at this level.
     Over and above,  our ultimate target is patient care and medical education quality.  So considering medical education is a Core Team,  after transforming patient care,  we propose in e-learning model to be implemented in medical education system,  which is recently advised by MCI guidelines at various levels of the institute; like e-Learning compatible lecture hall,  computers and laptops have been added to various departments.  MCI is itself working on digital mission mode project also called DMMP,  and e-learning is one of the component of that project. So we have a complete proposal of a fully integrated teaching model right from anatomy to final year subjects like Pediatrics,  and also including all India postgraduate common entrance exam MCQ questions,  so that students don’t have to prepare separately to clear this exams . This is certainly possible if a completely integrated e-Learning is developed by targeting post graduate exams and we design and deliver syllabus according to this mind set.  This also includes a complete Training of all computer operators and faculties as well, to enable and facilitate various data formats.  We have planned a dedicated data policy guidelines for this purpose,  and it will be an integral part of our entire Consultancy Services.  We have joined various manufacturers  and biomedical engineers to modify and innovate the instruments, according to Education Centered approach.
     Our integrated teaching module it will expand to cover various departments research activities,  and motivate older students and faculties to think and analyse their knowledge to expand it to global level research activities.  For example,  by analysing already existing institutional data over a period of 5 years we will predict trend analysis and direct hour research activities following the trend well in advance, so that data is automatically analysed and interpreted in a deep scientific way.
     Now practically speaking,  if a management of an institute points to decide which medical instruments to buy and with which dealers and at what prices.  This is an extremely tedious process,  where we need to spend a very much time to get quotations from various dealers and comparing their prices and afterwards it needs to be verified physically whenever time permits.  If we are in a hurry then these things are directly transacted and delivered without physical verification of every instruments before delivery this situation sometimes creates quality and interpretation issues and others to both levels dealer and Management.  We ourselves are constantly analyzing and getting quotations from different dealers in updating them periodically,  and which prices and which quality are optimal with price perspective and education perspective. Then we physically visit and verify these from dealers and propose a fully optimize list with quotations, so that management can decide immediately relying upon our scientific explanations and suggestions.  We ourselves propose a hybrid list which includes most of the dealers who are expertizing in different instruments,  and a fully customized list is ready to be transacted and delivered.  So in this way, it saves a lot of time and energy at management level so that they can divert the decisions to other critical areas.
     So summarising all this fact, we present ourselves as a team of dedicated individuals who are expertizing in thorough study of MCI guidelines and proposing a fully automatic and Model of consultancy which is specifically designed to help the chief management authorities of the institute.  And we propose to deliver our services at a nominal rate of 3% of total transaction amount every time.  And this is fully discountable if we are serving to a particular Institute as an employee and we are being shown to MCI inspection is a staff. Therefore, we continue to perform our vision and activities in the institute wherever we are physically affiliated by employment.  That is also advantages to the institute over a period of 5 years or until recognisation is achieved.